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STAR about information

SOTERIA is a Horizon Europe project, joining 16 partners towards a systematic deployment of road safety solutions in complex urban environments, especially for vulnerable populations. At the operational level, SOTERIA uncovers unexplored behavioral characteristics of Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs) and engages Living Lab communities in social innovation activities, towards the co-creation of urban safety solutions and infrastructure designs.

Living Labs

LL#1 – Oxfordshire, UK

Safe and inclusive integration of micro-mobility to current mobility paradigms

LL#2 – Saxony, Germany

VRUs safety applications for generation Z

LL#3 – Madrid, Spain

Safe and shared mobility services for improving user well-being and clean urban environments

LL#4 – Chania/Igoumenitsa, Greece

Proactivity-based and micro-vehicle centric measures for unprotected VRUs


Human-Robot Collaboration
Human-Robot Collaboration

Human-Cobot Collaboration for Robust Quality Inspections

Secure AI
Secure AI

Human Centred Artificial Intelligence for Agile Manufacturing 4.0

Safety with AI
Safety with AI

Human Behaviour Prediction and Safe Zone Detection for Routing

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