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CORTE, partner of SOTERIA project is working on improving Urban Road Safety

CORTE, partner of SOTERIA project is working on improving Urban Road Safety

CORTE is the Confederation of Organizations in Road Transport Enforcement. As a European Association representing more than seventy (70) entities across Europe, including transport ministries, national road transport enforcement authorities, transport companies and other European associations, CORTE is excited to be a part of the SOTERIA team and work on the safety of Vulnerable Road Users.

Recent advances in micro-mobility (including increased bike use, e-scooters, cargo-bikes etc.) have given rise to complex urban mobility environments. Transport networks are still in the process of integrating these new mobility options into existing systems. In this context, there is a need for specific policy recommendations that can allow new-mobility solutions to thrive without compromising on the safety of road users. Good policies and regulations at different levels (EU, national and local) can help to create safer and more inclusive urban environments for all types of road users. They can also help in the uptake and implementation of innovative road safety solutions (being developed by projects such as SOTERIA) and help achieve the “Vision Zero” Goal.

As a part of SOTERIA consortium, CORTE will help the development of recommendations specifically to inform policymakers and guide them to improve the safety of all road users and especially those who are more vulnerable in these complex and evolving mobility environments. To this end, CORTE will follow and contribute to the work of the SOTERIA living labs from a policy perspective by - suggesting the involvement of key stakeholders, identifying areas that can benefit from improved policies and developing a list of actions.

The objectives of SOTERIA are closely aligned with the mandate of CORTE to promote road safety through smart enforcement. CORTE will leverage the support of its members and close collaboration with EU entities to cross fertilize the work of the project and the EU on road safety.