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LL#4 – Chania/Igoumenitsa, Greece

LL#4 – Chania/Igoumenitsa, Greece

Proactivity-based and micro-vehicle centric measures for unprotected VRUs

LL#4 in a nutshell

SOTERIA’s Living Lab #4 will take place in Igoumenitsa and Chania in Greece, aiming to identify road hazards for unprotected VRUs such as bicycles, powered two-wheelers and e-scooters. LL#4 is expected to validate SOTERIA’s sensory kit and applications for micro-mobility by collecting data from cyclists and courier two-wheelers in two Greek cities. In May 2023, in parallel with the rest of SOTERIA’s Living Labs, a series of workshops and surveys will be launched across the identified stakeholders in Greece in order to raise awareness of the LL#4 within the local community.


A micro-vehicle sensory kit for data collection

The pilot will start with an ex-ante evaluation of road safety levels in the selected cities. This will be achieved through co-creation activities with various stakeholders that include academia, industry, local authorities, micromobility service providers, citizen communities, VRUs. Through the co-creation process we’ll try to identify local requirements, barriers and opportunities for VRUs, with the scope of concluding to a common city vision, matching actors’ diverse goals interests and agendas. The analysis of the results will also help to validate solutions and identify safe public designs.
A micro-vehicle sensory kit is envigased to be developed and installed on different types of vehicles (bicycles, powered two-wheelers and e-scooters) of the local bike-sharing systems (five bike stations in Igoumenitsa, four in Chania), delivery employees using power two-wheelers and users from the public. The demonstration will focus on validating the SOTERIA sensory kit and applications for micro-mobility. Data from the sensory kit will be collected during both rounds of the pilots and will support the operation of various services for VRUs safety.
An ex-post evaluation of the results will assess the operational efficiency of the sensory kit, and the data collected will be used to advise local actions and policies.



SOTERIA’s Living Lab #4 is organised by Cyclopolis and supported by Elta Courier and Frontier Innovations.