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Road Safety Survey

SOTERIA is launching the 2nd round of co-creation with road users outside the car!

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We are pleased to announce the launch of the second round of co-creation process on road users behaviour with a survey!

road safety survey

What is our method?

SOTERIA has launched road safety Living Labs spread across four European countries: Germany, Greece, Spain and United Kingdom, which are the heart of the project. Having embraced multi-method approaches that involve an active participation of end-users and stakeholders, SOTERIA has established these co-creation spaces to identify solutions for long-lasting challenges faced by vulnerable road users. 

What has been achieved so far?

During SOTERIA Living Labs setup, local communities and stakeholder analysis was performed to identify group representatives that will participate, creating SOTERIA’s first community. In May/June 2023, a first round of stakeholders workshops were held accross all four Living Labs exchanging ideas on road safety potential solutions and road users behaviour, during round table discussions.

Why Living Labs are powerful?

Living Labs provide the opportunity to explore, test and validate innovative ideas and ultimately co-create pathways towards safer roads and a more inclusive urban environment for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, as well as powered-two wheelers. Their innovation potential can be transformative for the way people move around cities and their goal is to bring together all stakeholders to work collectively to find solutions through cooperation.

In a nutshell, why is this large-scale survey on road users behaviour useful?

It is a real-world testing ground for urban innovation and transformation and we need your insights in order to help us design SOTERIA's solutions toward an intelligent, inclusive and safe urban mobility for all!

Could you help us by answering this survey?  

With our greatest gratitude,
The SOTERIA team