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SWARCO Joins Forces with SOTERIA to Contribute to the EU "Vision Zero" Goal

SWARCO Joins Forces with SOTERIA to Contribute to the EU "Vision Zero" Goal

The goal of "Vision Zero" - to achieve close-to-zero deaths on European roads by 2050 - is a crucial objective in the fight to improve road safety for vulnerable road users (VRUs) in urban areas. To help achieve this goal, SWARCO, a technology leader in traffic solutions, is proud to be involved in the SOTERIA project.

SOTERIA is a Horizon Europe project, joining 16 partners towards a systematic deployment of road safety solutions in complex urban environments, especially for vulnerable populations.

"We are thrilled to be a part of the SOTERIA project and to have the opportunity to help contribute to the "Vision Zero" goal," says Itir Coskun – Project Manager for SOTERIA project, "Our experience and expertise in traffic solutions, data management, and road infrastructure make us a valuable partner in this important initiative."

Innovative Solutions for Urban Road Safety
SOTERIA focuses on enabling data-driven urban safety intelligence for VRUs by developing innovative models, tools, and services. The project recognizes that conventional traffic management tools are no longer adequate for meeting the changing mobility needs in urban areas and aims to co-design inclusive and effective solutions to increase the safety of all road users.

"It's crucial that we understand the different mobility behaviors of VRUs so that we can develop effective and inclusive solutions," says Itir Coskun. "We will work closely with end users and other relevant stakeholders to capture their perspective on mobility and ensure that the solutions we develop truly meet their needs."

Safe Mobility Data Space: Key to Success
To ensure the effectiveness of the solutions, the SOTERIA project will utilize a Safe Mobility Data Space. This data space will aggregate safety-related data from a wide range of sources, including video streams and connected vehicles.

"Our experience in implementation and operation of C-ITS solutions makes us well-positioned to help define the creation of a mobility data space that meets the needs of different stakeholders," says Itir Coskun. "Our ultimate aim is to utilize the value of the mobility data generated from these sources to improve road safety for VRUs in urban areas."

Leading the Way in Exploitation and Innovation Management
Throughout the project, SWARCO will lead the exploitation task, monitoring the road safety solutions market and advising stakeholders on successful strategies beyond the project framework.

We will also be actively involved in developing accident models to further understand the impact of infrastructure design and use on road accidents involving VRUs. "The ability to uptake the results of the project is key to defining SOTERIA as a success," says Itir Coskun. "We look forward to learning from SOTERIA and co-developing safety solutions that will have a lasting impact on road safety for VRUs in urban environments."

In conclusion, SWARCO's involvement in the SOTERIA project is a significant step forward in the commitment to improving road safety for VRUs in urban areas. With its experience and expertise in traffic solutions, data management, and road infrastructure, SWARCO is poised to play a significant role in the success of the SOTERIA project.