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Vianova's Commitment to Enhancing Urban Road Safety: A Journey with SOTERIA towards EU Vision Zero

Embracing the European Union's ambitious "Vision Zero" goal, Vianova proudly announces its participation in the SOTERIA project, a groundbreaking initiative under Horizon Europe. This collaborative effort unites 15 partners to deploy innovative road safety solutions in complex urban settings, with a particular focus on the protection of vulnerable road users (VRUs).

Vianova's Expertise in Urban Mobility:

At Vianova, our extensive experience in data analytics, traffic solutions, and urban mobility, positions us as a key contributor to this crucial project. The SOTERIA project is designed to enhance urban safety intelligence for VRUs through the development of new models, tools, and services. As urban mobility landscapes rapidly evolve, the need for updated traffic safety solutions becomes increasingly evident.
Until now, changes in infrastructure to improve road safety were based on historical collision and accident data from police reports.
In 2021 alone, almost 20.000 fatal accidents happened on European streets. It seems obvious, that modern solutions are needed to reach the vision zero goal.
With a new approach to road safety, Vianova helps cities and municipalities to make their streets safer for all road users. For more information, read our
newest White Paper on how we can use connected vehicle data to create safer streets.

Collaborative Approach to Urban Safety:

Through SOTERIA, Vianova is committed to understanding VRU mobility behaviours, ensuring that our solutions are both effective and inclusive. Drawing inspiration from successful initiatives such as the Nudge Engine in a mobile app by FRONT and SWARCO's collaboration with SOTERIA to contribute to the EU's "Vision Zero" goal, we are actively engaging with end users and stakeholders. This collaborative approach ensures that our contributions align seamlessly with the needs and perspectives of urban commuters.

Insights from Micro and Shared Mobility Markets:

Vianova's expertise in the micro and shared mobility market places us in a unique position to share insights and trends crucial for the analysis and outcomes of the SOTERIA project. Our aim is to provide valuable data and expertise that can shape innovative solutions for urban safety intelligence.

Developing Accident Models for Infrastructure Impact:

One of Vianova's key contributions to SOTERIA involves developing accident models and providing our risk score model, to understand the impact of infrastructure on road accidents involving VRUs. This proactive approach ensures that our solutions are not only effective but also address the root causes of accidents, contributing significantly to the overarching goals of the project.

A Pivotal Commitment to Vision Zero:

For Vianova, joining SOTERIA is more than a project; it's a commitment to enhancing urban road safety and playing a pivotal role in achieving the EU's Vision Zero goals. Our work with cities like Zurich and London has honed our focus on making streets safer for all, and we're excited to bring our insights and technology to the SOTERIA project.

Vianova's collaboration with SOTERIA represents a significant step towards realising the EU's Vision Zero goal. By leveraging our expertise, engaging stakeholders, and developing innovative solutions, we are dedicated to making urban roads safer for vulnerable road users and contributing to a vision of zero accidents on European roads.